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About Us

3-D Economic Development LLC. (3-DEDC) is a for profit social enterprise business management consortium founded in 2014 and based in Las Vegas, NV.

Specializing in autonomous smart cities built upon the four pillars of smart city development; Social Infrastructure, Physical Infrastructure, Institutional Infrastructure (including Governance) and Economic Infrastructure. Smart city development fully equipped with sustainable employment and entrepreneurial projects that benefit disenfranchised communities.

The consortium member are comprised of for-profit and non-profit organizations, impact investors and community task force members. Members work on task force that target specific niches within the blueprint used to achieve our objective.

3DEDC's project management approach is unique in style and is formulated to inject vital information, new perspectives and innovative strategies, that creates the immediate impact and long-term sustainability of our projects.

Current project include building infrastructures of opportunity specific to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) in addition to disenfranchised markets such as returning citizens, single mothers and veterans.


A Social Enterprise is a Cause-Driven business model that Creates innovative Solutions for financial, environmental or social objectives on the local level.

What We Offer


There is strength in pooling the collective knowledge from each member of the consortium and the community itself. New and Innovative ideas are created as we begin to plan our strategy towards sustainable solutions.

Our action and spending based platform generates revenue to create digital jobs such as our virtual call center. This supports an ecosystem of employment and sustainability while generating revenue streams to fund additional projects.


3-DEDC can also help fund projects. There are billions of dollars available from foundations, grants and private investors. People that are looking to fund viable solutions to specifically benefit disadvantaged communities.

We can help to position your organization to participate in this pipeline of available funding sources. 3-DEDC has also developed innovative cash flow systems to help grow your business and boost your bottom line.


Building the infrastructure to ensure that disenfranchised communities benefit economically and socially from the trillions of dollars they spend each year. Creating new opportunities of self reliance for this population.

Technology, digital platforms and social media play a key role in our approach to “right now” solutions. Taking direct aim at some of todays' most pressing economic and social issues that directly affect the lives of disenfranchised communities.

Innovations in Service Delivery


Business strategies that support Social Solutions for BIPOC and Disenfranchised communities


Utilizing the Micro economic Power of Capitalism to create Economic and Social Change


Remote employment and Digital platforms. Leveling the playing field of Opportunity!

Building the Foundation


Preparing the next generation for new opportunities in digital management, social enterprise, economic systems development, computer coding and more!

Social Education

In-depth study of economic and social systems. How and why these systems were created and the positive and negative social effects they continue to cause.

On the Job Training

Entry level employment training from the ground up. Learning the basics of a shifting economy into the digital age and how to prepare for what comes next!

In the Community

We crowdsource ideas and encourage suggestions from the community as to how we can better serve their needs. Community input is the basis of our development.


Project Management Services

Building Infrastructures of Opportunity

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