Economic Development

Every business from the largest retailer to the smallest grocery store is based on consumer spending. Whole industries are supported by revenue  generated from purchases under $40.  This is called micro economic spending and it is the basis of our capitalistic system design. 

Driven by community participation, our action and spending based digital platforms create an ecosystem of revenue development and project funding at the grass roots level.  There are over 21 job creating business models to start with.  6 more are in late stage development.



Self Sustaining

Each business fills a specific need or service within the community and generates self-sustaining revenue after start-up.  Our digital call center or long haul trucking is designed to create steady employment while childcare or transportation leans towards more social service solutions, even though there is job creation there as well.    

Building smart cities adds to the ecosystem of self containment including solar and wind.  Electric charging stations, solar homes and apartments with hydroponic food systems and alkaline water filtration.  Automated grocery stores with delivery systems, private security service and much more!