Social Enterprise

A social enterprise is a business with specific social objectives such as affordable housing or job creation in disenfranchised markets.  Social enterprises seek to maximize profits by maximizing benefits to society and the environment.  Profits are primarily used to fund social programs or create new social systems.  

Social enterprise views communities in need, not only as beneficiaries of social programs, but as the very people that should be part of any solution that can improve their circumstance.  In other words, when given the opportunity to increase their quality of life themselves, most people take advantage of it.

Every business is empowered by the number of customers they can serve.  The more  value they can bring to the customer, the more customers they generate.   As a social enterprise business model, the people we serve have a double incentive.  They can create their own  pathway to better circumstances and light a pathway for others to follow.  



Digital Platforms

Our approach to economic development is based on creating opportunity from the bottom up.  We call it “Trickle Up Economics”.  3-DEDC creates new pathways for our target markets to improve their circumstances.  For example, digital gig market opportunities are exploding around the globe as new innovations and automation has created a fast growing digital economy.

3-DEDC designs the infrastructure so that the disenfranchised can more fully participate on the digital playing field of opportunity.  This is part of a comprehensive system to help this market help themselves and move up the economic ladder to a more stable quality of life.

Our digital gig market opportunities, opens the door for participants to build a revenue stream on their terms.  Efforts large or small in the digital arena, also generates a revenue stream that supports entrepreneurial training apprentiships, livable wage employment, and much more.  

It is our directive at 3-DEDC, to continue to develop, fund and manage the digital infrastructure necessary to bring all of the moving parts together in the new economy.  Forging a bold path of self-reliance for the people we serve.