A Changing Market

The Covid pandemic has changed the landscape of traditional employment.  Many work at home necessities during the economic shutdown are now permanent opportunities.  Millions of people discovered they preferred working from home and companies discovered it was more productive and cost effective. 

In December 2021 , a record 4.5 million people quit their current jobs for other opportunities.  This major shift in the economy is creating new opportunities to meet the needs of the digital marketplace.   

New podcasts, influencers, digital marketers and social media channels, are flooding the marketplace with new products, services and information.  Companies such as Amazon or Uber eats, have expanded delivery market services to a new level and created thousands of new gig market jobs.  

Thinking outside the box, 3-DEDC was created on those shifts in the market.  Utilizing new technologies to raise awareness and create economic and social opportunities for those looking to improve their immediate circumstances and quality of life.