Smart City Economy

Empower the People

With a target market of over 73 million people, an economic and social infrastructure that empowers this population through employment, investment and new opportunities, is necessary.

Recognizing the enormous spending power of our markets, we developed an innovative economic and social blueprint, funded by the actions and spending of each individual within the system.  This is the reason why.

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)and disenfranchised communities spent almost 5 trillion dollars in the U.S. economy in 2019.  This was more spending than the entire economy of France!

Smart City Impact

With this fact in mind, a unique membership based system was designed called the National Task Force (NTF), to consolidate a micro-portion of the enormous spending power of this market.

We then utilize the revenue to build infrastructure and fund community initiatives that create an immediate impact.

Strong membership participation, generates the revenue, to create “right now” solutions such as large scale employment and an explosion of job creating digital market opportunities, at the grassroots level.  Many employment positions are entry level and offer on the job training. 

In order to raise awareness, we designed an innovative digital platform to promote the value of membership.  New incentives encourage whole communities to chart a new path for the economic solutions they need, one member at a time.

This creates an ecosystem of membership spending, community job creation and a growing economic foundation to support smart city infrastructure and social impact services.

Monthly Stimulus Incentive

To further encourage strong community participation, we created a rewards based system.  Automation monitors effort, spending and participation within the network on a month to month basis.

Based on those 3 areas, active members are rewarded with a monthly stimulus, up to $2,500/mo. Monthly stimulus money flowing through local communities, is a powerful promotional tool and enhances the sustainability of the NTF system.

Member incentives builds unity and reinforces the economic foundation to support smart city growth and expansion. This sets the economic foundation to move into Phase 1 of our housing and employment plans for the returning citizens.

Phase I

PTS Development Center

We are currently seeking to purchase up to 1,500 acres in southern Nevada to build the first prototype of our PTS Development Center.  Comprehensive in nature, the center will house up to 600 residents from the largest segment of our target markets, returning citizens.

Our consortium partner, Primary Group Inc., a 501 C3, will assist participants in job training, job placement, counseling, mentors, financial education, credit building, entrepreneurial opportunities and much more!  Participants work and live on the PTS campus.

Within 6-9 months, participants are ready to move from initial housing to apartment style housing where family reunification is now possible.  One year at this level, with proper financial guidance, participants are now ready for home ownership, inside or outside of the PTS Development Center campus.

       Phase II

                     Smart City Project

The PTS Development Center is the beginning of our first smart city development.  Current plans include land purchases to expand the campus to house 3 PTS Centers.  This increases the number of participants to 1,800.           

Innovations in smart housing, apartments and new home owners, creates training and employment in the fast growing industry of computer generated homes.  

3-DEDC has over 21 job creating business models under management.  Entry level employment includes; a full service call center, long haul truck transportation, back office administration services and more. 

New core businesses such as grocery stores, gas stations, electric recharging stations, restaurants, shopping, banking and many other services, will continue to expand to meet the needs of the clients we serve.



The PTS Development Center is a self-reliant community that serves as our smart city model design.  Scalable to serve thousands of returning citizens and duplicable in cities across the country.