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Economic Development

Every business from the largest retailer to the smallest grocery store is based on micro economic spending.  Entire industries are supported by revenue generated from purchases of $5 or less.  

This is called micro economic spending and it is the basis of our capitalistic system.  Part of our economic strategy is based on this core strength.  

Driven by community participation, our action and spending based digital platforms create an ecosystem of revenue generation and funding for new community initiatives.  

3-DEDC currently has over 21 job creating business models under management.  From state of the art call centers to long hauling trucking, social entrepreneur interns, dialysis centers and many more.  

The strength of our economic development plan is creating a pathway of economic opportunity at the grassroots level for members of BIPOC and disenfranchised communities.  

Self Sustaining

Each business fills a specific need or service within the community, creates livable wage employment and generates self-sustaining revenue after start-up.     

Building smart cities contributes to the ecosystem of self containment.  Electric charging stations, solar homes and apartments with built in hydroponic food systems and alkaline water filtration. 

Social services such as child care, education and transportation, are all part of system design.  With innovation leading the way, economic and social solutions are built directly into the ecosystem. 

Entrepreneurial training and thousands of job opportunities in the growing digital marketplace of computer coding, podcasts and social media platforms.