What Is A Strategic Partner?

Forcing Change!

A Strategic Partner is an individual, company or organization that believes in the tenets of social enterprise (SE) and recognizes the need to build infrastructure and capacity for new social enterprise development.

They have equipped themselves with the knowledge necessary to understand the critical role they must play in the development of social enterprise  (SEs) in local communities.

Strategic Partners understand  the core principal of creating economic opportunities in communities that have been left behind.  Creating impact opportunities for their constituents would undoubtedly accelerate the social and economic impact needed to force change!

Social Economy

The traditional divide between for-profit enterprises seeking only financial gain and non-profit organizations seeking only social good, is blurring.

Strategic Partners help usher in the transformation of  hybrid organizations that bring together profit generating operations with social impact as its agenda.

This strategy is fast becoming a mainstream movement as new innovative concepts have shown promising results.

The Driving Force

Strategic Partners are the driving force behind launching new social enterprise (SE) projects.  They are the next generation of hybrid organizations that prioritize solution based social initiatives which create jobs and economic opportunity.

Strategic Partner Responsibilities

A level economic playing field of jobs & opportunity can be achieved when you make the commitment to have an impact in your community and become a Strategic Partner.

There are 3 main responsibilities.


1.  Become a Strategic Partner to force change @  $25
or more monthly commitment.


2.  Spread the word!  Help get the community involved in
creating jobs by sending people to our website for more


3.  Participate on a variety of additional support methods,
for example:


Committed Power-Economic Strength

Becoming a Strategic Partner means being committed to solutions that address major social ills that have plagued society.

As a Strategic Partner, you possess the power to make an immediate impact by helping to transform the numerous communities that have been left behind.

Make a commitment to have a direct impact in the communities that need it the most, by building economic strength that creates jobs and opportunity.

Do Something!

The power to force change in urban & rural communities, lies within the collective decision of each and every one of us to participate on some level!

Building For The Future

Strategic Partners are a new breed of individuals & organizations that are driven by the positive social and financial impact they can have on their communities.  They are the catalyst for the next wave of economic, social and global leaders.

Trickle Up Economics

Strategic Partners realize the tremendous value of social media to raise awareness of this crisis and help create solutions!  Your participation on any level supports all levels!  Building from the bottom of the economic ladder creates a Trickle Up Effect that benefits the entire community!


Strategic partners are the pioneers in impact partnering (participation with a group/organization to implement a specific social plan) and impact investing strategies.

Impact Investing

They understand that impact investing (specific funding to make a positive change of a specific social problem) is fundamentally changing the way private capital investors and social enterprises are engaging in sustainable economic development and economic growth initiatives.

Together, We Are The Solution!

Become A
Strategic Partner Today!

There is power in numbers!therefore, there is

power in your participation!

Action Creates Jobs!!

The Strategic Partner motto:


“Everybody Do Something!“