The Lens Of Social Change

Global Movement

There is a movement taking place on a global scale. A general shifting of the way we view society. It is a recognition by a growing number of people that many of the social ills that have plague mankind, such as the growing poverty numbers, high unemployment in urban and rural neighborhoods, homelessness and many others have reached epidemic proportions.

Social entreprenuers see opportunity and solutions where other people only see problems.

Social Ills

Our society has come to the revelation that we can no longer turn a blind eye to the 50-60 million people in the US that are currently living in poverty.

We must deal with these social ills together as a society, continuing to turn a blind eye is neither moral nor sustainable within our economy.

We must recognize we are all connected.

Innovative Solution

As a capitalistic society, we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the 50-60 million people permanently out of work or can only find day labor or minimum wage jobs. Enter the social entrepreneur.


Self Reliance

The trend is not to take care of the masses, but provide opportunity so the masses can take care of themselves.

Business leaders see the benefit of a profitable venture along with social value.

Successful movements have been taking place all over the globe for the past 15-20 years.

There has been an increase in these movements here in the U.S for the past 10 years and there are no signs of slowing down.

Social Importance

Putting the social good first or at least as an important part of the equation is at the forefront of many business and organizational decisions today.


New Industry

As society moves to improve the lives of millions, a new industry is born. An industry full of new ways of thinking and new ways of conducting business. Individual people and businesses make up the economy.

It stands to reason to build a stronger economy, we need to build stronger people, businesses and communities.

New Era

By addressing our major societal problems, we can create solutions and jobs and help usher in a new era of building from the bottom up.