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Creating Social Value

The power to force change lies within the collective decision of each and everyone of us to participate on some level!

Strategic Partners are a new breed of individuals & organizations that are driven by the social impact they can have on their communities. They are the catalyst for the next wave of economic, social and global leaders.

Commited To Solutions

Strategic Partners are the driving force behind launching new social enterprise (SE) projects. They are the next generation of hybrid organizations that prioritize solution based social initiatives which create jobs and economic opportunity.

Becoming a Strategic Partner means being committed to solutions that address major social ills that have plagued society.

Immediate Impact

As Strategic Partners, you possess the power to make an immediate impact by helping to transform the numerous communities that have been left behind. Make a commitment to have an impact by building economic strength that creates jobs and opportunity in the communities that need it the most.

Participation & Economic Power

There is power in numbers and therefore power in your participation! Move to Action!!

A level playing field of jobs & opportunity can be created when you make the commitment to have an impact in your community and become a Strategic Impact Partner. There are 3 main responsibilities.