Phase I

Social Enterprise

Since 2013, 3-DEDC has been developing an economic and social system specific to disenfranchised communities.  Together, with our consortium partner TME-Systems, we designed a social enterprise economic system that consolidates the micro economic spending power of our target markets to create large scale employment, new business development and digital market opportunities directly in communities in need. 

To encourage community participation, we created an automated system that monitors effort, spending and participation.  Then rewards local participants with a monthly stimulus of up to$2,500/mo. based on those 3 areas.  In order to raise awareness in our target market, we built a custom designed digital platform that promotes the value of their participation.  A smart phone or computer is all that is necessary to participate.

Strong community participation creates an ecosystem of revenue streams to community members while generating funding for our initiatives.  Social enterprise, as a business model, dictates that the community in need should be part of helping to create the solutions they seek.  This is our response.       


Phase II

PTS Development Community

We are currently seeking to purchase up to1,500 acres in southern Nevada to build the first prototype of the PTS Development Center.  The center will house up to 600 from our largest target market, returning citizens.  In conjunction with our consortium partner, Primary Group Inc., participants receive job training, job placement counseling, mentors, financial education, credit building, entrepreneurial opportunities and much more!

Plans are currently being finalized to build apartment style homes as participants move up from the initial housing phase to their own apartment within 6-9 months.  After 1 year of apartment style living, education and financial guidance, participants are now ready for home ownership, built on the PTS Development Center campus.   

Phase III

Smart City Infrastructure

As home ownership increases, the need for more goods and services also increases.  Taking advantage of wind and solar technology, our plans include expansion into grocery stores, gas stations, electric car recharging stations, banks, restaurants, shopping and more, to meet those needs.  A self contained ecosystem of homeowners, employees, taxpayers, entrepreneurs and consumers.

There are over 21 shovel ready business models created by our partner TME-Systems, with several more in development.  Long haul trucking, plasma/dialysis centers, vertical farming, initial defense services, assisted living, vantage point security, child care services, mobile and virtual call centers are just a few of the job creation opportunities that supports this new social enterprise community.