New Services

Assessment of Resources

Using crowdsourcing (open call) techniques as well other vital data, we conduct an in depth assessment of the resources within the community before entering a city.

This helps determine which impact strategy would be most effective for that particular community.


We are also looking to partner with other businesses that provide products or services that can be utilized to create jobs and/or deliver benefits while serving a new customer base.

Community Benefits

3D Consortium is continually looking for new services that bring benefits to the community.

The core principle of our Strategic Partner Initiative creates an environment that primarily focuses on developing self-reliant communities. This goal is achieved by opening doors of economic opportunity through unity.

When we find one that meets our criteria for social enterprise and potential for job creation, then we introduce a new business or revenue creation concept into the community at large.


Our business models include more innovative services offered directly to the community.

Plans include home delivery services for groceries and supplies, gardening, health and fitness products and internet based businesses.

Community revitalization initiatives, long and short haul truck transportation, security, private investigation and much more!



Self Sufficiency

The more needs we can fill within the community, the more self-sufficient we become! Strong community support allows us the opportunity to provide needed products and services to an underserved population.