The Immigrant Investor Program was created by Congress in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors – MAKING AN IMPACT

3-D Economic Development Consortium, LLC;s Visa Investment Opportunity Program opens the doors of opportunity for members of the global community by creating impact investment opportunities. Ask us how you can create economic, educational and social impact in your immediate family while creating economic and social impact across the globe. Be abreast about a book of dead casino.

Foreign Investors create a list of economic opportunities for themselves as well as their immediate family impacting their lives whilechanging the lives of communities through investments.

The opportunity of business collaborations between foreign investor and the social enterprise community will improve employment opportunitiesexpand economic impact and create an environment for sustained economic growth within at risk communities.

Setting the Standard to expand U.S. visa opportunities making an investment in social enterprise business within the U.S.A. and the communities that need it the most by creating employment opportunities. designed as an open opportunity for foreign investors and their immediate family to take advantage of the many economic, social and educational opportunities that exist within the United States. first and main directive is to invest in U.S by creating jobs. Expanding educational, economic and social opportunities for your immediate family.

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