Forging Partnerships

Hybrid Consortium

Forging Partnerships is one of the best ways to maximize consolidated strength and resources to solve business problems as well as solving major social issues.

As a hybrid consortium, we look to work with as many organizations, individuals, groups or committees as possible. For non-profits, we want to help expand your vision and your goals.

For entrepreneurs, we would like to help expand your operation to create more jobs and opportunity!


New Clientele

As the business climate continues to shift to a more global scale, companies and organizations are forced to adapt to find new sources of revenue, new clientele and better ways to introduce their products and services.

Social partnerships can introduce your products or services to a new group of interested consumers as new jobs are created.

Social Partnerships create an economic advantage by combining the intelligence and effort of many to reach common goals and share support systems.


Engaged Communities

Partnerships for social change also creates those same advantages while also engaging the local community to actively get involved.

Engaged communities position themselves to deal with the economic and social inequities they face.

Citizens are encouraged to participatein initiatives that stimulate the economy, support local businesses and create jobs.

A more engaged community is a stronger community.