Executive Management Team

Debra L. Pope

Chief Executive Officer/President and Managing Member

Debra is President/CEO of 3-D Economic Development Consortium, LLC and Co-Founder of Primary Group Inc and the Breaking Barriers Network, a 501©3 nonprofit organization dedicated to creating “Pathways To Success” for the economically disadvantaged.

She is the co-founder and co-developer of the TME- Job Creation System. Debra has spent the last decade developing an economic eco-system that serves as a blueprint designed to create large-scale employment opportunities, development of small business infrastructure, and the creation of economic opportunities directly in the communities that need it the most. Over the past 30 years, Debra has launched multiple pilot programs including Long Haul Truck Transportation, Call Centers, Staffing Agencies, Restaurant-Catering services, and much more, creating employment opportunities for this target market.

Although these projects were pilot programs, the information and experience gathered from these business enterprises would prove to be advantageous in the development phase of the TME-Job Creation System. Innovation, adaptability, and sustainability are the foundational principals within this blueprint.

In 2014, 3-D Economic Development Consortium, LLC, launched their first working module of the TME-Job Creation System. This year the company is expanding the TME-Job Creation System into multiple large scale working modules. The modules are designed to be duplicated in multiple states as well as globally.

Debra has been married for over 31 years and is the mother of 4 beautiful children. She has been an entrepreneur for most of her life, first starting out working in multiple family owned businesses. Debra also pursued a career in social services, working for the State of Wisconsin Dislocated Workers Program, a state funded program that primarily works with long term unemployed individuals, returning citizens, veterans, low income individuals and minorities. Debra saw firsthand the long term sociological effects of mass incarceration and poverty.

It was during this time Debra developed a passion for working with individuals who were caught up in a vicious cycle created by an unjust judicial system and prohibitive economic system. She joined the fight to create public awareness of these injustices by publicly speaking to community groups, on radio shows and speaking with several legislators across the country concerning these issues.

With over 30 years of extensive administrative, leadership and job development skills in various fields, Debra is well qualified for this task. While working in Wisconsin and encouraging men and women coming out of the prison system to complete their education as well as assisting in job placement opportunities, Debra received numerous awards including employment development, job placements and inspiring the most GED and high school diploma graduates. She also received the annual “Service Award” from the community several years in a row. Most recently in 2015, Debra accepted an appointment as an Ambassador of Peace for the United Peace Federation.


Carl Pope

Chief Financial Officer/Executive Vice President and Managing Member

Carl is Chief Financial Officer and President of 3-D Economic Development Consortium, LLC. He is also one of the co-founders of Primary Group Inc. and the Breaking Barriers Network. A 501©3 nonprofit organization dedicated to creating “Pathways To Success” for economically disadvantaged communities and previously incarcerated individuals through economic development avenues and self-reliant community action.

Carl has been in sales and marketing since 1982. At age 25, he started and ran his own marketing company for 6 years. Carl then worked his way up to senior manager of a national media marketing company for over 7 years. He was responsible for new marketing approaches of company products and sales training. Carl also led the sales force to over 4 million dollars in sales.

In 1995, Carl accepted the position of senior account manager for Western Express Service Company in Las Vegas, an advertising and print company. He managed and trained a sales department of 18 employees. Implementing new ideas and procedures, revenues rose from 7 million/yr. to 12 million/yr. during his 5 year tenure. In 2000, Carl became Vice President of the Century Group in Los Angeles, California, an energy development firm that specialized in limited partnerships. Carl brought a new focus to specialized training and marketing techniques. As a result, his division sold out several projects weeks ahead of schedule while adding dozens to the client base.

In 2003, Carl was promoted to President of Ram Energy, Inc., an energy investment firm. As a new venture, Carl helped raise the millions of dollars in revenue necessary for energy exploration. From writing the sales manual to marketing to managing and training over 30 employees to customer service with clients, Carl has hands-on management and leadership experience in management, sales, and building from the ground up.

In early 2009, Carl became a social entrepreneur and has exhibited exceptional leadership in the development of an innovative concept used to create large-scale private sector livable wage employment opportunities for individuals living in at-risk situations. He is the co-founder and co-developer of the TME-Job Creation System. Over the past 30 years, Carl has used his vast experience of working with investors to raise millions of dollars for both start-up and existing businesses enterprise. He brings that knowledge and expertise with him.

Our Management Team

Yolanda Picture

Yolanda Shannon-Albert

Executive Vice President Of Operations

Yolanda Shannon-Albert has a Master’s degree in Health Care Administration from Washington University in St. Louis, and also has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Washington University’s George Warren Brown School of Social Work. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Science from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She has also earned her certification as a Fellow in the American College of Health Care Executives.

Ms. Shannon-Albert has over 21 years of experience in senior executive level management in the health care, social work, and community services industries. She is a seasoned professional and an accomplished leader and decision-maker with a substantial record of achievement in the operations and fiscal management of multi-million dollar for profit, not-for-profit and governmental industries and corporations. She has a proven track record of success in corporate and business development and expansion, operations and fiscal management, marketing and public relations, and strategic planning. Additionally, she is recognized as a “start up” specialist and was directly responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of several multi-million dollar health and human service programs. She has also served on citywide and countywide task force initiatives that focused on key health and human service policy issues in the Chicago metropolitan area and surrounding suburban regions.

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Abbas Khalid Ali

Manager of International Alliance and Project Budget Development

Abbas has a Bachelor Degree in Economics. He has an extensive background in International Banking and Finance. He is experienced in financial management, analysis, realignment of processes to achieve maximum efficiency, accuracy and cost saving. Product development, roll out, market research. An achiever, dedicated team player experienced in overseeing operations of individual and multi-unit facilities. Skilled, inspired and motivated with 25 year background in finance, accounts, budgeting, operations, consultancy and bank branch management. Vast knowledge of finance, regulatory requirements and general risk measures. Experienced in leading constructive and cooperative working relationships within a team setting. Strong focus on staff relations and teamwork, productivity and growth.

He has created & managed international economic development networks. participated in strategic planning sessions both domestically and internationally. Coordinated banking procedure for international transactions. Coordinated sales and domestic and international investor relation. Performed complex,difficult budget accounting work. Involved in the development, set up and maintenance of financial and statistical records for international and domestic social enterprise initiatives.Performed a broad range of project management, strategic planning, investor relation and accounting duties to ensure a seamless flow of activities as it relates to project development and program management.Ensured accuracy in budget development, financial reporting and maintaining financial records for one or more categorically funded programs and initiatives; prepared financial statements and expenditure claims for specially funded projects and privately funded programs; and reconciled account balances.

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Rochelle H. Issac

Executive Director of Finance and Investor Relations

Shelly holds two bachelor degrees in Business Management and Business Finance from the University of Phoenix. She has received countless awards for Successful Business Launches, Mergers and Acquisitions, Humanitarian Projects and Community Service Leadership.

She has over 22 years experience in the financial industry both as an Entrepreneur and Corporate America. Her years of negotiation and established relationships have made her services highly sought after on national and international platforms. Shelly’s seasoned success spans from Humanitarian Projects and Real Estate to Energy and Transportation Logistics.

Shelly Isaac understands business economics and the unique need of client knowledge of available business options to select from that aids a best fit for specific goals of success.