Driving Force

Positive Impact

Impact investing is the concept of directing and/or redirecting resources intosocial enterprise (SE).

Impact investing with the purpose of creating an immediate positive impact and/or change, has emerged as an alternative to philanthropy and private capital investments.

That instantly creates an all-around positive impact of change by generating employment & economic opportunities within the communities that need it the most.

There are currently 50-60 million people in the United States trapped in a cycle of poverty, high unemployment and recidivism.

Implementing basic micro economic and crowdsourcing strategies with only a small percentage of these numbers can yield long term sustainable results.

Social Enterprise

3 D and its’ members understand the scale and scope of creating impact investment opportunities for their strategic partners.

Developing social enterprises (SE) is the most effective avenue to local economic opportunities and creating large scale employment almost immediately in communities that get involved !

Impact investment opportunities help draw attention to your community and service as a precursor to attract interest in establishing capital pools for sustainable social enterprise (SEs).

Social service enterprise creates jobs, provides opportunity and attracts investment in the local community.