Building Business

Social Enterprise

Building small business as well as creating start up social services (SEs) creates the foundation for sustained job growth.

This in turn generates new employment opportunities from new and expanding small social enterprise (SEs) businesses.

Projected Results

As the small business sector of local communities gains strength, that economic strength turns into support for every other economic element of the local economy.

This is known as Trickle Up Economics. Benefits including job creation, new taxpayers plus a reduction in unemployment at the local level are just a few of the projected results of this strategy.

Community Support

Consolidating limited resources, such as in impact buying or impact volunteering, creates a continuous funding vehicle that provides jobs and services directly to the community.

When large groups of people commit to making small impact contributions ie., (ideas, resources, funding, feedback, etc) micro economies are created and the doors of opportunity swing open.

Utilizing crowdsourcing strategies opens the pathway
to create new local businesses that focus on the creation of social enterprise (SEs).

Consolidated Action

As a united group, the capacity to establish new social service enterprises, create new local jobs, raise funds, expand ideas and consolidate resources lies in our ability to act!

As more of the community gets involved in helping to create jobs, more pathways of opportunity are available to the community!