• Social Entrepreneur make a difference!

It takes real courage to become a Social Entrepreneur hats off to anyone who is out in the real world making a difference

One thought on “Social Entrepreneur make a difference!

  1. Wanda F Hunt - Visionary of Jeda Mas Support Svc Inst

    I AM a social entrepreneur! WOW!!!!!!! To ‘know’ something for so long; yet not be able to ‘articulate’ it to others (In it’s power) is to say the least ‘frustrating’. THANK YOU JESUS!

    It’s on know; “Meaning – ‘Ain’t no stopping me now’!!!!! I’ll float on this for a long, long time….. I challenge others to follow your heart, you passion and if you don’t have your fire ‘yet’; help someone who has theirs and WATCH what my God is going to do.!!!!!!


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